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Uncontested Divorce for parties without Children

My Virtual Divorce P.C.

Uncontested Divorce for parties without Children


Do you and your spouse have an agreement already? Or are you pretty sure that you will reach one with some coaching? Well, then our Complete Divorce Package is the service you are looking for.

Your complete divorce package includes a Welcome Call, the Petition, the Required Financial Disclosures, the Judgment, 1 (one) hour of phone consultation time with one of our attorneys (broken up into 2 (two) calls), 10 (ten) emails initiated by the client, and assistance with filing and serving your legal documents. 

Once you purchase this service, you will receive an email inviting you to schedule a welcome call. A welcome call is an initial consult with one of our attorneys to learn about you and your case so we can make sure we get you started on the right foot. During this call, we will get to know you and your matter.  After our initial call, we will send you a link to our Family Law Software program. You can download the software or use the software online. When you are done completing the questionnaire, you send the file to us and we put together your Petition, Summons, and other documents that may be needed to get your case started. When your paperwork is ready, we assist you to get it signed, filed, and served on your spouse. 

Next, we gather your financial information using our Family Law Software Program. Once you submit your information, we review it, create your legal forms, and then send them to you as a draft. We schedule a phone consult to review the disclosures together. When the financial disclosures are finalized, we assist you to serve them on your spouse and to notify the court of their completion. 

Finally, you are ready to put together a Stipulated (Agreed to) Judgment.  We prepare all the paperwork for your Judgment and assist you to get it signed off by both parties and filed with the court. Your second 30-minute phone consult will be used during the Judgment process to clarify the terms of your agreement with your spouse and to advise you on the legal significance of your agreements. 

If you need help negotiating the terms of your agreement, we sell a Negotiation coaching session separately that is dedicated to helping you make settlement offers to your spouse.  We also sell shorter phone consults and legal advice emails to help you reach an agreement with your spouse. 

Please note, the fee for this service does not include the fees related to filing, delivery, or service by a process server of your paperwork on the other side. Such items are purchased through third parties not affiliated with My Virtual Divorce, P.C.

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