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Step 2 - Required Financial Disclosures

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Step 2 - Required Financial Disclosures


Step 2 of the divorce process is to prepare and serve your Initial Financial Disclosures. These financial disclosures are mandatory in all divorce cases. The disclosures notify each spouse about all of the property and debt, whether that property is community or separate property.  The disclosures also let each spouse know information about the other spouse’s earnings, education, tax status, and expenses.  All of this information is needed so you and your spouse can make informed decisions regarding the division of your property and how much support should be paid.  Once this information is exchanged, you must let the court know that you have complied with the Financial Disclosures requirement.

With our Required Financial Disclosures service, we make preparing your financial disclosures simple. Once you purchase this service, you will receive an email inviting you to schedule a welcome call. A welcome call is an initial consult with one of our attorneys to learn about you and your case so we can get make sure we get you started on the right foot. During this call we will give you a list of documents to gather. After our initial call, we will send you a link to our Family Law Software program. You can download the software or use the software online. When you are done completing the questionnaire, you send the file to us and we put together your financial disclosures. We send you a first draft and then we schedule another consult with you to finish them up. Finally, we send you completed financial disclosures and assist you to sign them, serve them on your spouse, and on how to notify the court that you have completed this necessary step.  


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