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Terms and Conditions


  1. Effective Date of Agreement. Our agreement to advise you begins at the time that you accept this completed Agreement for limited advice and Legal Services and we have received the payment of your fee through our credit card system. The formation of an agreement between the Client and the Attorneys is subject to Attorneys running a conflict check prior to rendering services. Once effective, this agreement, will however, apply to services by Attorney on this matter before its effective date.
  2. Scope of Services. Client requests Attorney to perform the services purchased through the attorney’s online storefront. No services other than those purchased will be provided. Client is responsible for all aspects of her/his case.
  3. Limitation of Attorney’s Responsibilities. Attorney(s) will perform the specific legal tasks purchased by client consistent with Attorneys’ ethical and professional responsibilities, including observing strict confidentiality, and based on the information available to Attorney. In providing those services, Attorney will not:
  4. Represent, speak for, appear for, or sign papers on Client’s behalf.
  5. Provide services in paragraph 2 which are identified with the word “No.”
  6. Make decisions for Client about any aspect of the case.
  7. Determine the assets and obligations of Client’s marriage, their character, or their value.
  8. Determine an appropriate division of the assets and obligations of Client’s marriage
  9. Litigate Client’s case on Client’s behalf
  10. Protect Client’s property by means of restraining orders while discovery and/or negotiations are in progress.
  11. Client’s Responsibilities. Client shall be responsible for all aspects of their legal matter, including but not limited to filing of legal documents, keeping track of deadlines, paying for costs associated with the litigation, retaining experts or other professions, and for appearing in court. Client understands that Attorneys’ roles are limited to the specific task or tasks purchased from attorneys.
  12. Future Services. The Client is not committing to use Attorneys services at any time in the future; however, if client wishes to purchases attorneys’ services in the future then a new Agreement will be created covering those future services. The date that the new agreement is entered into will be the date on which the Attorney becomes responsible for providing those future services
  13. Right to Seek Advice of Other Counsel: Client is advised of the right to seek the advice and professional services of other counsel with respect to those services not covered by this agreement at any time during or following this limited consulting services agreement.
  14. Payment for Services. Attorney Services are paid for at the time of purchase. Payment in full is required prior to services being rendered. Fee is earned by attorney once purchased service are delivered. Earned fees are not refundable.
  15. Refund Policy. If Attorneys cannot undertake services because of a conflict or other reason set forth in the California Rules of Professional conduct, the entire purchase price shall be refunded. If client wishes to cancel services after purchasing them, a pro rata share of the purchase price may be refunded for any portion of the work that remains incomplete at the time cancellation is requested. If client seeks cancellation, all previously performed services will be charged from the original purchase price at a reasonable rate as defined by the California Rules of Professional conduct, and/or in accordance with the price that is regularly charged by Attorneys for the services rendered on an ala carte basis.
  16. Discharge of Attorney. Client may discharge Attorney at any time by written notice effective when received by Attorney. Unless specifically agreed by Attorney and Client, Attorney will provide no further services after receipt of the notice. Notwithstanding the discharge, Client will remain obligated to pay Attorney at the agreed rate for all services provided prior to such discharge.
  17. Withdrawal of Attorney. Attorney may withdraw at any time as permitted under the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California. The circumstances under which the Rules permit such withdrawal include, but are not limited to, the following:
  18. The Client consents,
  19. The Client’s conduct renders it unreasonably difficult for the Attorney to carry out the employment effectively, and
  20. The Client fails to pay Attorney’s fees or costs as required by his or her agreement with the Attorney.

Notwithstanding Attorney’s withdrawal, Client will remain obligated to pay Attorney at the agreed rate for all services provided. At the termination of services under this agreement, Attorney will release promptly to Client on request all of Client’s papers and property.

  1. Disclaimer of Guarantee. Although Attorney may offer an opinion about possible results regarding the subject matter of this agreement, Attorney cannot guarantee any particular result. Client acknowledges that Attorney has made no promises about the outcome and that any opinion offered by Attorney in the future will not constitute a guarantee.
  2. Arbitration of Fee Dispute. If a dispute arises between Attorney and Client regarding Attorney’s fees or costs under this agreement and Attorney files suit in any court other than small claims court, Client will have the right to stay that suit by timely electing to arbitrate the dispute under Business and Professions Code sections 6200-6206, in which event Attorney must submit the matter for such arbitration.
  3. Entire Agreement. This Agreement is the complete Agreement between the Client and the Attorney. If the Client and the Attorney decide to change or amend this Agreement in any way, the change must be in writing and attached to this Agreement.